Letter from Ron Kleist

Greeting Friends of Sancho Panza

Photo of Ron Kleist, Sancho Panza Cabo
Ron Kleist

I hope many of you will remember me. Let me introduce myself, I am Ron Kleist, the founder of the original Sancho Panza Wine Bistro. I am extremely excited by the reopening of one of the fondest endeavors of my life. There aren’t sufficient words to tell you how impressed I am by the plans, concepts, efforts, and enthusiasm of Zuki Page in resurrecting Sancho Panza. Zuki is a special person, like family to me, and I am certain under her guidance Sancho Panza will be back better than ever.

Originally I started Sancho Panza to showcase the wines I was importing to distribute in Los Cabos. It was a very surprise to realize the rapid popularity of my little restaurant and night spot as it became somewhat of a clubhouse for regulars.

In the planning stage for Sancho Panza I had been rereading Don Quxote for enjoyment this time, instead of obligation for my college literature class – not exactly a priority for an engineering student. This time reading the classic novel in a hammock with a glass of wine in hand I fell in love with Don Quixote’s chubby food and wine living squire, Sancho Panza. Whose name I also thought was pretty cool. Being a fan of the Spanish artist Miro, particularly his colorful graphic works of art, I designed the logo and restaurant decorations with this art and primary colors in mind. Color fads come and go, but primary colors will always be primary. Keep it colorful and fun.

Many of the best years of my life were spent in Sancho Panza. The greatest people, friends that felt more like family; great foods and wines, tasty chef and culture inspired menus and visiting winery owners and wine makers; music from Mexico, the US, Cuba, Brazil, and Argentina. I even picked up a lot of dance moves. And there were our special musical events, classic car shows, wig and costume parties, and we even had Cabo’s first farmers market.

But all good things – you know the expression – finally came to an end. We did a lot of things well, but I made enough mistakes that we finally had to close the doors. A sad time for me. It took some tough time to get over it.

Fortunately, Zuki is smarter and a better business person than I am, and along with her partners: Antonio Luevanos, Armida Castro and Christian Reyes, a bright new future for Sancho Panza has begun.

Come and enjoy! Ron